Small Group Staff Development

Watching a lesson is an effective way for teachers to take on new learning. I provide classroom demonstrations, modeling whole-class, small group, and individual instruction, inviting teams of teachers to observe and become active participants.

I can also work with teachers in grade-level or interest groups. These meetings are especially meaningful when teachers are rolling out new curriculum, working with unfamiliar topics, or moving to new approaches. Small group is best when done for multiple days across a school year.


I’m well-versed at working with schools using a coaching model. Utilizing an approach that’s based on student data, I work with individual teachers in cycles that include planning and side-by-side teaching. This model works best when teachers want to jump in and get started and believe that those doing the work are those doing the learning.


Workshops are effective when schools are launching new learning or want to delve deeper into a topic. Create your own content or choose from a menu of options.

Learn how to implement writer’s workshop in K-2 or 3-5 classrooms. Establish structures, develop routines, and come away with all you need to get started.

Make your small group instruction more powerful using tried and true strategies and techniques.

Learn how to analyze miscues and use data to plan and differentiate reading instruction.

Use assessment data to create groups, plan and teach guided reading. Learn how to establish routines that will make you more efficient and effective. 

Learn best practices for choosing and using texts featuring diverse characters and/or books written by underrepresented authors and illustrators. 

By using standards and student work as your base, this workshop will help you develop effective practices for working with teachers. 

In this interactive workshop you’ll gain strategies for teaching students how to conduct research and use mentor text to develop nonfiction books and reports.

Acquire easy-to-teach revision and craft strategies for beginning, intermediate and advanced writers.

Learn how to teach writers to structure and craft literary essays. Leave with lessons that will take you from start to finish. 

Teach intermediate students how to develop convincing arguments based on facts. 

Have fun with this hands-on workshop and leave with tons of ideas for crafting, revising, and publishing student poems. 

Curriculum Writing and Curriculum Support

Writing and shaping curriculum is one of my specialties. I can work with staff to develop or revise curriculum or write something brand new for your teachers. As a published author I have extensive experience in crafting clear, creative text that speaks to educators.